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    WORLDWEL launched the multi process welder LONGRUN 40CLT
    WORLDWEL Co., Ltd., which is an expert welding manufacture in Korea launched the multi process welder LONGRUN 40CLT that provides multi functions of MMA, GTAW, Plasma Cutting in one machine. This model is designed with compact size and can operate with only 220V input voltage. In addition, It has the Preset Function to set the welding current conveniently and has a Built-in compressor for plasma cutting.

    Arc Start with Hot-Start Function(MMA)
    For a stick weld, it provides Hot-Start function to start stable arc and can weld 4mm wire with 200A welding current.

    Non-contact Arc Start by High frequency(GTAW)
    Operating with high frequency for Non-contact Arc start and Crater Off/On/Repeat, Adjustment of Gas, Down slope. Possible to weld 5mm with 200A welding current.

    Pilot function for Non-contact start(Plasma cutting)
    Pilot function helps to minimize the nozzle-tip abrasion and Built-in Compressor provides plasma cutting conveniently in everywhere.
    This machine is especially available for farmers and maintenance workers can take it with them wherever they need to weld.

    ■ About WORLDWEL Co., Ltd.
    Ever since WORLDWEL Co., Ltd. commenced to produce transformers as a part of welding machine, WORLDWEL have been stepping ahead to produce diverse types of Hi-tech welding machines such as Thyrister, Inverter, Resistance welding machines, Plasma cutter and automation welding system.

    As a result of the effort and passion for better future and technology, WORLDWEL have been able to acquire authorizations, certifications and registrations such as INNO-BIZ, Promising Export Firm, ISO9001, CE and Venture Company from authorities.

    WORLDWEL has been renewing their export record of performance every year as the prove of product's quality as well as enlarging domestic market followed by customer’s satisfaction by providing their products to massive corporation such as POSCO, Samsung, Hyundai, Doosan. WORLDWEL will keep doing the best continuously to meet customer's high demands and satisfaction by the brand "LONGRUN"

    ■ Contact: WORLDWEL Co., Ltd. ☎ +82-10-2355-3377
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