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Welding industry sectors, such as soldering wire is a specialized magazine. Monthly Welding Journal Welded areas: welding, welding materials, accessories, welding, automation, and related equipment, etc. Cut Interest: Freeze Matthew cutters, mechanical cutters, water jet cutting machines, torches, etc. laser fields: laser welding, laser cutting, laser marking and laser-related peripherals, such as shipbuilding . Ocean. Port-related metal material, metal material welding . cutting. Laser Equipment Industrial Machinery. 09. facility covering such articles, and technical resources, company information, industry identification, new product. technology , NEWS magazine and is published with the contents.
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WORLDWEL launched the multi process welder LONGRUN 40CLT [Sep 2015] WORLDWEL Co., Ltd., which is an expert welding manufacture in Korea launched the multi process welder LONGRUN 40CLT that provides multi functions of MMA, GTAW, Plasma Cutting in one machine. This model is designed with compact size and can operate with only 220V input voltage. In addition,
CO2 snow-jet cleaning before and after welding Ice-cold alternative for the demand-orientated cleaning of welding surfaces [Sep 2015] Regardless of whether youre using laser-, resistance-, WIG-, MAG- or MIG-welding technologies, specific areas of components invariably need to be cleaned both before and after the joining process. As far as the aspects of manufacturing
Jenoptik at Fakuma: 3D Laser Processing of Plastics. [Sep 2015] At the world's second largest international trade fair for plastics technology, the 24th Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, Jenoptik will show its laser machines for plastics cutting and welding. With its wide range of products, Jenoptik's Lasers & Material Processing division offers solutions for cutting, welding and perforating of plastics.
WORLDWEL gained CU Certificate which is the first time in Korea for Inverter Welding Machine MMA, TIG, MIG [Aug 2015] WORLDWEL Co., Ltd. which is an expert manufacture in Korea for welding machine gained CU Certificate for Inverter type MMA, TIG, MIG. WORLDWEL supplied their products to Russia market in 2008 for the first time and their Inverter MMA, Inverter TIG, Inverter MIG were successfully satisfied with good quality
Hypertherm Expands Robotic Capabilities With Purchase Of Jabez Technologies, Creators Of Robotmaster Software [Aug 2015] Jabez Technologies, creators of software to simplify complex robotic programming, is joining Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of plasma, waterjet, and laser cutting systems, to make it easier for companies to utilize robots for manufacturing applications.
ROFIN Introduces New Dedicated Laser Solutions for Polymer Welding - MPS Family [Jul 2015] ROFIN continues the MPS laser workstation success. Its wide range of applications is extended by fusing of polymers. The system is based on the market-leading MPS laser workstation and the DILAS Compact Evolution laser sources and comes with application-specific control software.
Hypertherms Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report Shows Greater Community Impact And Strong Progress Toward Environmental Goals [Jul 2015] Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, today announced the release of its annual Corporate Social Responsibility report.
Hypertherm Receives Communitas Award for Leadership in Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility [Jul 2015] Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, today announced its selection as a Communitas Award winner for 2015. Hypertherm was selected for leadership excellence in the combined areas of community service and corporate social responsibility.
Torch cleaning: purely electrically powered - eReam sets new standards [Jul 2015] In automated arc welding, torch cleaning affects both the cost and productivity of the whole process. To positively influence both factors, the eReam innovative torch cleaning system of SKS Welding Systems offers striking benefits. Its all-electric drives save considerable amounts of energy compared to pneumatic drives, are easier to control,
Jubilee with best ratings for Asia's most important fair for welding, cutting and coating technology [Jul 2015] Impressive record results for the 20th BEIJING ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING: 989 exhibitors presented their products and services at Asia's most important trade fair for welding, cutting and coating technology. 23,873 trade visitors informed themselves and placed orders on this significant trade platform
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