Welding Journal Korea for Monthly
Seoul Ra-11897(ISSN 2005-3339)


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    To the world ... in the future ... as welding powerhouse!
    "Welding Journal Korea for Monthly" is leading the "welding and cutting and laser" field future.
    "Welding Journal Korea for Monthly" - Korea is the only welding and cutting and laser-related magazines.
    "Welding Journal Korea for Monthly" is a welder, welding equipment, welding automation and cutting equipment, plasma cutting equipment, laser cutting and related equipment, welding electrodes and wires, Tungsten Electrodes, Silver Brazing Alloys, soldering and welding industry field specialized magazines.

    Welding industry sectors, such as soldering wire is a specialized magazine. Monthly Welding Journal
    ① Welded areas: welding, welding materials, accessories, welding, automation, and related equipment, etc.
    ② Cutting areas: Freeze Matthew cutters, mechanical cutters, water jet cutting machines, torches, etc.
    ③ Laser fareas: laser welding, laser cutting, laser marking and laser-related peripherals, such as.
    ④ Shipbuilding. offshore plant, Vessels Welding equipment.
    ⑤ Metal material, metal material Welding equipment.
    ⑥ Cutting. Laser Equipment Industrial Machinery.
    facility covering such articles, and technical resources, company information, industry identification, new product. technology , NEWS magazine and is published with the contents.
        Media Information of Marine and Shipbuilding Monthly
    DivisionMain content
    Magazine NamesWelding Journal Korea for Monthly
    Registration NumberSeoul Ra-11897(ISSN 2005-3339)(International Standard Serial Number)
    CompanyMetal Network Korea Company
    PublishersKim, Ga Ram
    AddressE-Space 310, #212-26, Guro-3Dong Guro-Gu, Seoul, Korea
    Contact E-mailweldingkr@hanmail.net
    Published Date1 day per month
    Standard magazine210mm×280mm / Pages: 80 to 160 total pages, including ads
    (All 4-color color)
    Publication Quantity15,000 copies per Publication of Month
  • Print Media(Post Office sent) - 3,000 Publication
  • PDF Media(EDM sent) - 12,000 Publication
  • Edit information A technical journal specializing in the welding industry which provides the data regarding new product, new technology, news, company introduction, of the industry like welder, welding equipment, welding automation and cutting equipment, laser equipment, alloy welding rods, welding materials, spray (surface treatment), joining(brazing, soldering), technical data related welding industry.
    Subscription costsMon 10,000 won[for 1 Year(12 months) subscription, 80,000 won]
    Subscription Form Download
    Korean languagehttp://www.welder.or.kr
    English languagehttp://www.weldingasia.org
      Welding Journal Korea Monthly distribution rate in the whole country
    NODistribution Region
    Distribution ratio
    Distribution ratio of Seoul and Incheon.GyeongGi area 30%
    Distribution ratio of Busan and Gyeongsangnamdo area 30%
    Distribution ratio of Jeollado and Jeajudo area 8%
    Distribution ratio of Daegu and Gyeongbuk area 10%
    Distribution ratio of Gangwondo and Choongchungdo area 8%
    Distribution ratio of Overseas area 12%
    Distribution ratio of Domestic and foreign exhibition 2%
        Welding Journal Korea Monthly distribution rate by industry
    NODistribution Area
    Distribution ratio
    Welding equipment manufacturer, distributor, tall processing and related companies24%
    Shipbuilding, maritime, ports and automotive-related companies 21%
    Machine tool, tools, mold company and related companies10%
    Metal, steel, steel pipes manufacturers and metals-related equipment suppliers30%
    Industrial research institute. society, materials research laboratory, technical development design team4%
    University libraries, the main agencies, resident missions in Korea 6%
    Etc 5%
    metalnetwork-korea Company: Metal Network Korea Company
    Add: E-Space 310, #212-26, Guro-3Dong Guro-Gu, Seoul, Korea 152-053
    TEL: +82-2-3281-5037         FAX: +82-2-3281-0280
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